Untangling complexity in advanced manufacturing

The Stempathy team

The Stempathy team



Rene Martinez-Johnson

Rene is an enthusiastic change leader. She understands the difficulties of making lasting changes in both individuals and systems, but does not accept the "well, it's always been this way" school of thought. She works with individuals to develop their awareness and leadership potential. She holds a PhD in analytical chemistry, a BS in biochemistry and a BA in Japanese.


Jill Craven

Jill's passion lies at the intersection of engineering and human behavior. Her experiences have taken her from the depths of caves in West Virginia, to a Twin Otter flying through wildfire smoke off the coast of California, to the proton synchrotron on the Swiss/French border, to the world's largest clean room for semiconductor manufacturing. She holds her BS, MS, and PhD in chemical engineering.


Jane Ni

Jane grew up in Toronto, moved to sunny Pasadena to pursue a PhD in organic chemistry, and is slowly making her way up the west coast. She is naturally an introvert but is reaching out of her comfort zone by practicing improv, which she has learned is not really about being funny, but about listening. In her spare time, she soaks up the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest by swimming in the freezing cold mountain rivers around Portland.